Latest Science Reveals the Hidden Dangers in Your Waistline
How the Shape of Your Stomach Boosts Your Risk of Heart Attack, Diabetes & Stroke
But this New Breakthrough Smashes Away the Most Dangerous Form of Fat in 10 Minutes a Day. Simply...
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Dear Friend,
Everything you're told about body fat is wrong. Dangerously wrong. 

Like many, you could be vulnerable to serious disease without realising it... Even if you think you're not overweight!

You see, we're told over and over to check our BMI, also known as the 'body mass index'. You get this from comparing your weight to your height. There are calculators all over the internet that do it for you. 
If your BMI is '25 or more' you're told to cut calories and hit the gym. If not, say doctors, you'll become vulnerable to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, stroke... even cancer.

But many experts are challenging the BMI. It doesn't factor in things like muscle mass... ethnicity... or HOW and WHERE your body is storing fat. And it's WHERE you store fat that's crucial.

Recent scientific evidence shows that having a lot of fat around your waist and abdomen can be just as dangerous as being generally overweight.

This fat is often known as a "beer belly" or "belly fat" or your "spare tyre". These cuddly, funny names suggest that it's a bit of harmless flab.
But This 'Cuddly' Fat Is a Ticking Health Time-Bomb Around Your Waist
Scientists take it more seriously.

They call it VISCERAL FAT.

It doesn't just hang around your body like a loveable bulge. It behaves like an active bodily organ, releasing substances that can cause long term harm.

The more of this fat you store around your waist and abdomen, the higher your risk of blood pressure issues, high cholesterol, vascular disease and hardening arteries and other life-threatening conditions.

Here are just a few examples...
A study in 2012 showed that cardiovascular deaths were 2.75 times higher for people of normal weight with big tummies compared to people with a normal waist-to-hip ratio. ["Normal-weight Central Obesity and Cardiovascular Mortality Risk in the U.S. Population"]

Adding just 11cm around your abdomen can increase the risk of cancer by 13%. [The Times, May 24th 2017] That's just TWO dress sizes!

According to Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, president of the American Diabetes Association the visceral fat around your waist causes toxins called cytokines to make your body less sensitive to insulin. A major factor that can induce diabetes.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in March 2016 showed that each additional pound of fat around your middle to is associated with new onset high blood pressure, higher blood sugar and high triglycerides (which lower levels of GOOD cholesterol).
All of this applies even to people who think they're relatively slim. For example, you could have a low BMI.... But if you have extra stores of fat around your tummy, you're still at a higher risk of disease.

In other words, abdominal obesity can be more dangerous than being overweight.
How to Rid Yourself of This Danger Fat
A healthier lifestyle will help you defuse this time-bomb.

Less food and more exercise work well over the long-run, if you can keep it up (unfortunately so many people don't).

However if you've ever been on a diet, or tried to get fit, you'll know that the spare tyre is notoriously hard to shift.

It's always the last bit of flab to go!

So today I'd like to show you a powerful, simple and NATURAL way to get rid of this dangerous fat quickly for little extra effort.

With the X-Grip you can smash up and dissolve away excess fat with 10 minutes each day of simple, low impact movements.
Simply STRAP this lightweight device around your waist... GRIP the two handles... and TWIST.
In just 30 days you could dramatically reduce your tummy and waist...

- No extreme diets.
- No gym membership.
- No exhausting fitness regimes.
It doesn't matter how old you are. Or how fit you are...

You can use the X-Grip at home... a living room, bedroom, garden or even a small balcony... you don't need a lot of space. Within 1 month you'll notice the difference - and that's without changing your diet or starting up a fitness regime.
At Last, a Natural, Low Impact Way to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke
In 30 days you'll see a radical difference in your body shape - that's WITHOUT changing diet or doing any other exercise.

And I can prove it.

Respond to this invitation and I'll post you the X-Grip for a risk-free home trial. Either it delivers everything I promise in 30 days or you can send it back for a full refund.

Let me show you proof that it dissolves away the fat from your belly and waist without strain, hassle or expense.
Grip, twist and melt away DANGER FAT in 10 minutes a day... or your money back!
My name is Istvan Magyar. I've been involved in the development of health products since the turn of the century, my team regularly bring new registered medical devices to market.

It was never my intention to make a product like X-Grip. But I was driven to it by my own personal health fears.

You see, back in 2013 I thought I was a healthy guy. Sure, I liked my food but I was also pretty active. I liked swimming, walking and ran almost every morning.

What difference did a few pounds make here and there?

Then I started reading about the new research into dangers of belly fat.... and realised that being fat around the waist could be MORE dangerous than being overweight in general.

That was when I looked at this picture of myself on a family holiday and realised...
I was at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Suddenly, I knew I had to make some drastic changes in my health.

Sure, I might be active and 'fit'...  But the latest science showed that wasn't enough. So from that day on I became set on ridding myself of dangerous belly fat.

I'd tried working out in the past and it worked for a while - but never managed to completely shift the 'love handles' as they're sometimes called.

So I decided to use our wide range of contacts in the medical profession to find a solution. My team of developers researched the subject extensively and spoke with scientists about ways to attack belly fat.

After years of trial and error we came up with something known as the X-Grip.

It's a lightweight belt that you strap around your tummy. With some simple twisting, you massage and break up excess fat around your waist and abdomen.
No batteries - no plugs and chargers - and no complicated mechanisms!
I tested it on myself for many months, tweaking and adjusting the device. Soon I was using the prototype every morning for 10 minutes with remarkable results, as you can see.
It's not about being 'ripped' or turning yourself into Poldark - this isn't a body building device (although many athletes and fitness fanatics use it too). 

It's about reducing dangerous fat reserves gradually, naturally, without strenuous workouts and expensive gym memberships.

Now I'd like to offer you very special trial to see what it can do.

Put it on for 10 minutes every morning for the next 30 days.

Follow the simple, low-impact exercise I show you...

And watch that belly fat melt away.

At the end of the trial you should feel slimmer, more energetic and confident AND far less prone to serious disease.

Here's how it works....
A 3 Pronged Attack on Dangerous Body Fat
The X-Grip is simple to use...
STRAP the belt around your waist, GRIP the two handles and TWIST.

Twisting is the most effective movement to target those love handles.

As you twist, direct abdominal pressure forces your core muscles to tense.

This direct pressure combined with the twisting motion is more than 2-3 times more effective than sit-ups alone.

At the same time massage points in the belt start to break up subcutaneous fatty tissue.

As the fat cells dissolve they are reabsorb into the body

This is how the fat 'melts' away over time!
But the only way to find out how effective it can be is to try it out yourself.
Twisting Effect
Direct Pressure
Fat Massage
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Your Tummy and Abdomen or Your Money Back!
As you'll discover there are so many benefits to the X-GRIP...
LIGHTWEIGHT - this is a lightweight device you can store easily in a desk, drawer, car or bag!

NO BATTERIES - you don't need a power source at all so you can use it anywhere.

LOW IMPACT - you don't need to pump iron, do strenuous sit-ups or crunches. You're twisting and massaging, that's all.

INEXPENSIVE - apart from investment in the X-Grip itself, you'll save money on gym memberships or complicated sports equipment.

QUICK - within 30 days you'll see visible improvements in your body shape around your hips, waist and tummy.


if you don't see improvements you can send it back within 30 days for refund.
Use it for 30 days and the most dangerous form of body fat will begin to dissolve away. You'll see it for your yourself when you look in the mirror.

You'll also notice that you become fitter, more energetic and more confident.

Most importantly of all, getting rid of abdominal fat is good for you. It improves your heart health and lowers your risk of developing serious disease.

Click on the 'try now' button below and I'll get an X-Grip into the post to you. Should you have any questions you'll get an email address to write to. And remember, you can send it back within 30 days for any reason at all.

I would love to start helping you become fitter, slimmer and healthier.
Yours ,
Istvan Magyar
PS: Scientific evidence is piling up that belly fat is bad for you, even if you're not generally overweight. It's a powerful indicator that you are vulnerable to health problems later in life. If you have a 'spare tyre' , get it sorted today. The X-Grip will help break up those fatty tissues while getting you gently fitter, day by day, in just 10 minutes each morning or evening.
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