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Best way to lose belly fat
Fat Massage
Best exercise to lose weight
Tight toned body
Vanessa used the XGrip Trainer 10 minutes every morning for 2 month while following a clean diet. Her results are amazing!
Loose skin tightening
After losing 66 lbs, Martin was suffering from loose, saggy skin. After 2 months of the XGrip massage, his skin tightened and regained its flexibility.
Body confidence
Anita gained weight during her pregnancy and was embarrassed about her stomach. She was mortified taking this before picture! Now, after using the XGrip for 2 months, 10 minutes a day, she is once again, proud of her figure.
Science of fat loss
The Hidden Dangers in Your Waistline
Abdominal Obesity Can Be More Dangerous Than Being Overweight
Recent scientific evidence shows that the more fat you store around your waist and abdomen, the higher your risk of blood pressure issues, high cholesterol, vascular disease and hardening arteries and other life-threatening conditions.
This applies even to people who think they're relatively slim. For example, you could have a normal body weight, but if you have extra stores of fat around your tummy, you're still at a higher risk of disease.
Here are just a few examples:
A study in 2012 showed that cardiovascular deaths were 2.75 times higher for people of normal weight with big tummies compared to people with a normal waist-to-hip ratio. ["Normal-weight Central Obesity and Cardiovascular Mortality Risk in the U.S. Population"]

Adding just 11cm around your abdomen can increase the risk of cancer by 13%. [The Times, May 24th 2017] That's just TWO dress sizes! 

According to Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD, president of the American Diabetes Association the visceral fat around your waist causes toxins called cytokines to make your body less sensitive to insulin. A major factor that can induce diabetes. 

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in March 2016 showed that each additional pound of fat around your middle to is associated with new onset high blood pressure, higher blood sugar and high triglycerides (which lower levels of GOOD cholesterol).
The SCIENCE of XGrip Trainer
3 Principles for Maximum Fat Loss
Did you know that twisting is the most effective movement to target abs, obliques, and love handles? The XGrip Trainer was specifically created to recreate this movement for maximum results. 
Direct abdominal pressure forces core muscles to tense and work hard to engage. This direct pressure combined with the twisting motion is more than 2-3x effective than sit-ups alone.
Massage allows fat cells to dissolve and reabsorb into the body. XGrip Trainer utilizes massage points to break up subcutaneous fatty tissue. While the process can be a bit uncomfortable, this is how fat melts away.
Discover XGrip Trainer.
The research-backed tool designed for maximum fat loss.
Try it at no risk! 
Have you...
  • ​really tried all kinds of diets and trainings like scientific, holistic, natural, old, futuristic, etc?
  • ​Been working out tons, but want to accelerate your results?
  • ​Unsuccessfully tried to finally tone your abs?
  • ​Been frustrated that your abs are STILL hidden by layers of fat?
Tackle the problem right on the source, maximum fat loss by targeted fat massage
XGrip Trainer in use
The Revolutionary XGrip Trainer.
The XGrip Trainer is designed with one simple goal: shape and uncover abs. You may have the strongest abs in the world, but it won’t matter if layers of fat cover them up! The XGrip Trainer is safe for use on it's own, but can be used as part of your current training program for faster and more sensational results. 
How does it work? By breaking up the subcutaneous fatty tissue around your waist and abs. The XGrip Trainer eliminates cellulite and dramatically improves muscle tone. 
XGrip Trainer’s revolutionary results come from proven scientific principles -- designed for maximum results. When expertly combined, these rules offer fast + effective results. 
Results Backed by University Research.
An 8-week University study showed significant reduction in abdomen and waist fatty tissue for its participants. 
The study concluded that regular XGrip Trainer use, “can significantly reduce” stomach fat and reshape waists. 
XGrip Trainer results backed by university research
A note from the XGrip Creator.
It was never my goal to make a body-shaping product. But after I saw the picture on the left, taken during a fantastic family vacation, I knew I needed to make some drastic changes in my health. I was dead set on dropping the belly fat that seemed like it appeared out of nowhere. Despite being a regular athlete and running every morning, I had put on tons of weight and hardly recognized myself.
I took action immediately. A seasoned inventor, I researched extensively and spoke with scientists about how to quickly reduce belly fat. After comprehensive product testing, I started to use the XGrip Trainer in conjunction with my regular fitness routine. And I haven’t stopped.
The results, I think, speak for themselves. 
- IM
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